About SRDC

The Support, Research and Development Center (SRDC) is an international non-governmental organization based in Kyiv, Ukraine. SRDC's mission is to improve existing practice and interventions by conducting qualitative research and participatory learning.

We accomplish our goals through three specific activity streams:
1. Promoting human rights and empowering people from marginalized communities by improving the professional skills and knowledge of those who work in state-based institutions and civil society organizations.
2. Implementing a "learning by doing" approach – to develop a new generation of qualitative researchers who are not afraid of studying marginalized groups and uncomfortable topics.
3. Developing partnerships, participatory approaches and solidarity among researchers, civil society organizations and communities.

Our research interests include but are not limited to the following topics: drug use and drug policy; HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment; prisons, people in prisons and prison staff; post-Soviet transformations. We use various qualitative research methods, including visual, ethnographic and participatory action research approaches.
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